25 More Eggs!!!

Yesterday I got a warm welcome back to work. I got hit on my left shoulder after telling a patient she HAD to have her insulin because her blood sugar was 472. Today, I had to stick her trach back in after she pulled it out. She said she wanted to kill herself over a soda. Being a psych nurse isn’t all it’s ‘cracked up to be. LOL! Days like that, it is just SO nice to come home and ‘chill out on the couch with my husband and kids. I guess I could be called lazy at times, but it’s my way of relaxing after some truly nutty days.

I do think that’s also why I enjoy feeding and watching my flock. Chickens are just chickens. They are goofy, they have a definite pecking order, and it’s rewarding when your pet makes you breakfast (eggs). Chickens don’t really expect anything out of people, except maybe food and water. They don’t care what you look like. They’re curious, and some follow you around like little dogs.

Today is Day 8! I checked the eggs in the incubator, and I took a few pictures. I couldn’t get the camera to focus, but here is what I was able to get:

The dark “blob” on the bottom lower left of the egg is a developing embryo. If it was a better shot, you would be able to see all of the veining on the inside of the egg. I also checked the egg from one of my hens (which is on Day 5), and there appears to be a developing embryo in there! Yay!

Ron was really happy to find another box of eggs on the porch today. It was supposed to be a shipment of 12 fertile eggs from Ohio, but the lady sent 25 eggs!! Unfortunately, Sarah was helping me unwrap the eggs and one fell on the floor. Whoops! Then, Ron looked at me and said, “Now that’s enough for now. We’re going to have 300 chickens running around here!” I doubt any of my hatches will be that successful. But, with all of these extra eggs, I did break out incubator #2, which is a “deluxe” model complete with a fan and an egg turner. We now officially have 2 styrofoam incubators on the bureau in our bedroom. I will put today’s egg shipment into that incubator tomorrow because right now I am trying to stabilize the temp in the ‘bator I plugged in today. If it’s too hot, they’ll fry, and I certainly don’t want that!

We have been getting 5 eggs a day for the past 3 days from our hens! The kitten food is working! I enjoyed my egg sandwich on my way to work today. I bought a really cool toaster online awhile ago. It has slots for 2 slices of toast, and then on the side it has an egg poacher attached. It’s timed so you can poach your egg and toast your bread at the same time. It can also hard-boil up to 4 eggs at a time. If this ever wears out, we’ll be purchasing another one. It’s a pretty cool contraption.

Well, Simon Cowell is critiquing some poor soul on TV right now. Have a great night!


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